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Aerosol Can Filling Machine For Butane Gas Cartridge

Aerosol Can Filling Machine For Butane Gas Cartridge

Full automatic butane gas filling machine / LPG gas cartridge filling machine 

LPG gas cartridge filling machine is a full automatic filling machine,you just put the valve on cans,other operation filling and sealing complete by machine.It greatly improved filling speed compared to semi-automatic.

The full automatic LPG gas cartridge filling machine usually used to fill small household cook gas tank.The machine can complete operation from empty cans to finished cans.

It is  automatically boosts and liquefies the propellant, keeps it in a appropriate pressure as desired and controls the dosage of the propellant. The propellants cover F12, F22, LPG, DME, CO2, N2, O2, 134a, compressed air and so on.

The machine mainly equipment is automatic vacuumizing,sealing and gas filling machine,

ithas one vacuum head, one crimping head and three propellant filling heads seated on the working table.

Every of the head are separately controlled and can be switched on or off separately. The vacuum head is aiming to suck out the air in can before crimping and gas filling to increase the purity of the gas, after vacuumizing, a crimping head is used to seal valve to can immediately.

The gas charged into can through the valve core, it can be LPG including butane, propane, pentane or the mixtures. Additionally there are two boost pumps and one gas storage tank delivered together with the machine. The machine has outstanding feature about the filling accuracy

ADVICE: build a gas room to separate the machine in order to enhance the safety management