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Bleach Bottle Liquid Filling Machine


Corrosive products are dangerous to personnel and accelerate depreciation of capital equipment. Therefore, it is paramount that a filling machine design for these types of products control exposure of personnel to hazardous liquids and gasses. It is also important that materials of construction and other special design features be chosen to protect the buyer’s investment. There are many examples of tragic accidents due to the lack of foresight in this regard. Moreover, machines not correctly built for these environments see major disrepair and decay of the machinery within 6 months.

Generally speaking, the time gravity filling machine is predominant in the corrosive chemical filling industry because of its simplicity of operation and the fact that it does not pressurize or recirculate these chemicals which can increase risk of exposure to personnel. Because the filling machine is used for corrosives that generally attack metal components, there are special design considerations for both materials of construction as well as fasteners in this time gravity filling machine.