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Automatic Honey Jars Filling Machine, Inline Vacuum Capping and Labeling Line

Honey filling applications require heavy-duty machinery that can handle liquids of this thick viscosity. STRPACK Machinery has a selection of honey filling machines, cappers, labelers, conveyors, and bottle cleaners to meet the needs of these applications. Our equipment can handle unique honey packaging designs and maintain a consistent level of accuracy and speed throughout the filling process. With a system of our machinery installed in your facility, you’ll benefit from improved efficiency and productivity.

Because of honey’s higher level of viscosity, honey requires the use of pressure/gravity fillers that can properly fill containers. Our honey filling equipment can fill jars and bottles with consistent accuracy and precision. Filling machine configurations are customizable depending on facility space requirements and applications, with table-top models available. You can also combine them seamlessly with other types of liquid packaging machinery we offer. Simple programming makes it easy to set custom speed and fill settings.

After the liquid filling process is completed, our cappers and labelers can fulfill final packaging needs. Capping machines can fit unique types of caps to bottles and jars of nearly any size and shape, and labelers can apply custom product labels containing brand names, images, and nutritional information. To ensure efficiency throughout the packaging process, a system of conveyors can transport bottles at varying speeds from filling to final packaging processes.

Prior to filling, a bottle cleaning system can make sure that bottles and other types of honey containers are free of dust and other potential contaminants. Bottle cleaners use an ionized vortex method with self-centering rinsing heads and a vacuum to thoroughly clean packaging. Any debris is evacuated into a collection bag.

With a complete custom configuration of liquid packaging equipment from STRPACK Machinery, your production line will be more capable of giving you consistent results.