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Lotion Filling Machine Bottle Cream Filling Machine


STRPACK Machinery carries a selection of some of the most reliable lotion filling machines in the industry. Our inventory includes liquid fillers, cappers, conveyors and labeling machines that can make sure your lotion product is properly filled and packaged prior to shipping. Lotion is one of the many different liquid products our equipment can fill, maintaining a consistent level of efficiency and accuracy throughout the packaging process.


The different types of liquid packaging equipment we carry are all designed for the filling and packaging of liquids with a wide range of viscosity. Lotions of various thicknesses are fillable using our machinery. Other types of packaging machines can finalize the lotion product packaging process after filling is completed.

Our capping machines can fit lotion containers of different sizes and shapes with a custom cap that effectively blocks contaminants and prevents leakage. Labeling machinery can fit containers with a customized label that includes images, brand names, product information, and logos. A system of conveyors can transport packaging from one area to the next at a consistent speed setting.


For a lotion packaging system that gives you the results you want from your production line, you can fully customize your packaging equipment configuration with different size and shape combinations. Meet space and application requirements with a system that's tailored to fit your facility. If you would like help with the design of your liquid packaging system, our experienced experts can help decide on the best equipment options and installation.

To get started on your lotion filling system installation today, contact STRPACK Machinery. Our packaging experts are ready to help you determine which equipment your facility needs and integrate it in your facility. To further improve performance and give your production line the tools it needs to remain productive through long periods of heavy use, we offer field service, high speed camera, leasing, and installation.