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Bottle Carton Packer Bottle Carton Case Packer Machine For Lubricating Oil

Automatic Drop Type Cans Pouch Lube Oil Bottle Box Carton Case Packer Machine

case packing machine for motor oil containers and bottles

Brief description
Grab type packing machine is a kind of intelligent automatic packing machine, which uses high-speed delivery device to pack all kinds of cartons, including plastic flat bottles (boxes), round bottles (boxes), irregular shaped bottles (boxes), various sizes of glass bottles (Boxes), round bottles (boxes), oval bottles (boxes), square cans and paper cans, etc. The products are automatically arranged in the delivery system and to be grabbed into the carton in the certain layout and delivered to the sealing system.
The machine is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen, equipped with shortage alarm and emergency stop.
Convenient for operation, management, reduction of labor cost and intensity
All electrical components are selected from international famous brands, and the performance of the whole machine is stable and reliable
It can be carried out with the unpacking machine and the sealing machine to realize the automated production.

★The products can be arranged automatically according to packing requirements
★ New design, compact structure.
★ Wide applications, applicable to a variety of product packing.
★ Particularly suitable for the automatically packaging line, easy to move.
★ Computer program control, easy operation, stable working.
★ Suitable for bottles, boxes, bags, barrel products

Technical Parameters

Carton sizeL150-600 W100-450 H100-450mm
Packing speed10 boxes / min
Power supply220/380, 50/60Hz,4KW
Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine size1800 × 1300 × 1700mm