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Hand Sanitizer Liquid Filling Machine Automatic Hand Sanitizer Filler

Hand sanitizer filling machine

HAND SANITIZER Bottle filling line including Bottle filler , capper , induction sealer, two side + round bottle labelers and carton packing line. Our filling machines from natural, white, clear, blue, amber, green, black or purple colored plastic bottles. The shape also we offer specially attachment gives you the options to bottles & shapes, including rounds, wide mouths, narrow mouth, cosmo, cylinders, oval, oblong and plastic jug.  Plastic bottle materials include PET, LDPE, HDPE and PVC filling machine , capping , labeling machine.

For some of the best hand sanitizer filling machines available in the industry, choose STRPACK Machinery for all of your liquid packaging needs. We offer a selection of liquid fillers along with cappers, conveyors and labelers to form a complete production line that brings increased efficiency and quality to your facility. Hand sanitizer is one of the many different types of liquids our equipment is designed to fill.


Each machine in our product line is intended for the filling and packaging of liquids with low to high viscosity. Hand sanitizer is one of the less viscous products that our equipment can handle. If you would like to complete your hand sanitizer production line, we carry several other machines along with liquid fillers.

Use capping machines following the liquid filling process to apply custom caps to effectively seal bottles of nearly any size and shape. After capping is completed, you can use one of our labeling machines to attach high-quality labels that include images, logos, and product information to hand sanitizer containers. Our conveyor equipment can move packaging from one station to the next at low to high speeds, depending on the application's requirements.

Hand Sanitizer Filling Machines

STRPACK Machinery connects you to a wide array of machines capable of filling hand sanitizer bottles. Hand sanitizers carry a low to medium viscosity and, therefore, should be paired with a device capable of filling liquids of that consistency. A few we recommend are:

  • Gravity Fillers - Generally capable of filling any water-thin to medium viscosity liquid. Can fill containers from ¼ oz to 5 gallons.

  • Overflow Fillers - Great for filling low-viscosity liquids as well as thick liquids. Capable of filling containers from 1 oz to 5 gallons.

  • Piston Fillers - Operate according to a volumetric system and offer easy useability for water-thin to thick liquids.

Hand Sanitizer Capping Machines

Next in the hand sanitizer production line comes the capping process. STRPACK carries a selection of high-quality hand sanitizer capping machines to ensure secure products. This component is essential to guarantee that the product is prepped for the end-consumer. A few of our hand sanitizer capping solutions include:

  • Cap Completion Systems

  • Cap Feeding Systems

  • Plugging Systems For Bottle Capping Machines

Hand Sanitizer Labeling Machines

The last step in the production line is the labeling of the hand sanitizer bottles. At STRPACK, our labeling solutions are equipped for various hand sanitizer products, no matter the container size or shape. Our equipment will help you communicate your preferred text and images directly to the consumer.