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Essential Oils’ filling, capping and labeling Machine

Ⅰ: The machine model SFM-50 essential oil filling machine
1. The machine is powered by single phase/220V alternative current; Confirm the right connection before turning on the machine.
2. Check if the air pressure be connected in a proper way.
3. If there are any foreign objects on the machine and in the mould,Remove the foreign objects;
4. Confirm the hoses connected with peristaltic pumps be placed into the materials tank;
5.Check if the filling nozzles be aligned with the bottles mouth,capping heads with the bottles;
Parameter setting
(1). Vial feeding sensing time: The 2pcs sensing fibers over the feeding cylinder detect the bottles,then push the bottles in the sensing time;
(2). Filling time: The time indicates the lifting time of filling nozzle instead of the actual time to fill the liquid; The liquid filling time must be set in the filling machine but the FILLING TIME must be longer than the one set in the filling machine;
(3). Turnplate start delay: It means that the machine is operated ,The time when the turnplate starts to rotate after the action in each station is completed;
(4). Filling Rise Delay: After finishing filling the time to delay the rising of filling nozzle;
(5). Pupm pressing-fitting time: It means that the pressing time keeps on the bottles when the pneumatic element presses the pump on the bottle;.
(6). Vial press in place delay: The same function as item(5
(7). Pump feeding holding time: It means the time between the clamping and pressing the pump on the bottles from the pneumatic element;
Basic parameter of Essential oil bottles filling capping labeling line with rotary table feeding liquid bottling machines model SFM-50:
Power: ~220V/single phase Current: 10A
Frequency: 60HZ Air pressure: 0.7MPa
Power: 1500W Size:1895*1453*1731mm
Weight: 485 kg Gross weight:555kg
Filling volume: 1ml to 150ml