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Linear Filling Machine Dishwashing Liquid – Filling and Capping Machine

Linear Dishwasher Soap Filling And Capping Machine

General Information:

Dishwashing liquid is high foaming mixture which creates lots of foam upon the collision of the liquid to each other in pressure. To fill such high foamy products, we have developed semi automatic we all as fully automatic dishwashing liquid filling machines to match clients requirement. They are filled at very low speed with dive In the nozzles inside the bottle to lower down the pressure at the time of filling. Special neck holding bottle guides are also provided in case of a very light weighted bottle. Filling the product with the help of the STRPACK's filling machine will provide a clean, leak proof, reliable and consistent operation.

We can offer two head as well as four head model in semi automatic and up to eight head in automatic models with a conveyor system.

Machine Features

  • Volumetric Based Filling
  • Fill Accuracy ± 1 %
  • Well-designed Drip proof Nozzles.
  • Machine Body Painted covered with SS 304 sheet.
  • Easy change over parts
  • Teflon seals to avoid leakage
  • Adjustable Bottle guides
  • SS Tray for resting of bottles while filling
  • ON/OFF switch to start and stop the machine
  • Tightening/Loosening of Teflon piston in syringe to avoid leakage/variation
  • All Contact parts can be dissembled for cleaning purpose.

 Optional Features

  • Full SS Construction
  • Dive-In Nozzles for Foamy liquids and also for small mouth diameter of the bottle.
  • Position Indicators for Volume Adjustment position indication.
  • Lockable wheels.
  • Siemens/ ABB/ Schneider/ Delta Make Variable Speed Drive for varying the speed of the motor to control filling speed.
  • Spring Nozzles to avoid dripping for thin products
  • Foot Switch based Operation to control the speed of filling
  • TC fittings for easy removal/change of parts for cleaning
  • Tank for storage of material to connect pipe from tank to filling machine

Filling Range

  • 2 ml to 5000 ml with the help of change parts of syringes.
  • Filling range of 2-10 ml, 10-30ml, 30-100 ml, 50-250 ml, 100-500 ml, 250-1000 ml, 500 – 2500 ml, 1000 ml - 5000 ml are standards we define.

Product Range

PHARMACEUTICALSyrups, Suspensions, Linctus
COSMETICNail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Rose Water, Glycerine, Shampoo, Hair Oil, Hand Sanitizer,
FOOD & BEVERAGESAlcoholic Drinks, Vitamin Drinks, Fruit Juices, Iced Tea, Edible Oil, Honey, Ghee, Flavoured Milk, Vinegar, Soya Sauce, Liquid Concentrate, Flavoured Syrups, Water,
OTHERSFloor Cleaner, Paints, Chemicals, Lubricating Oils,  Liquid Detergent, Essential Oil, Dishwashing Liquid, Toilet Cleaner.


Up to 35 Bottles/Minute depending upon the number of heads, product viscosity, and density and also on the experience of the operator.