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Mosquito Repellent Filling Machine

Mosquito Repellent Filling Machine

Mosquito liquid Filling, Pluging , Capping , Sticker Labeling Machine

When you are bottling Mosquito Repellent there are several types of filling machines you may choose.

STRPACK designs and builds filling machines and packaging equipment for Mosquito Repellent.

Our Mosquito Repellent liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the Mosquito Repellent industry. We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Mosquito Repellent filling needs and meet your production goals.

STRPACK automatic mosquito liquid filling equipment is mainly used for packaging liquid mosquito repellent, and liquid aromatherapy, etc.


We use the peristaltic pump or piston pump which import from UK for the filling process, and drived by SANYO motor which import from Japan, and use the imported tube to connect liquid solution to the pump, it features of high accuracy and easy adjustment. Besides, we use the touch screen, and Mitsubishi’s PLC, all the adjustment and size changing is easy. The cylinder and sensor is also imported, it features of durable using and sensitive.

The key part stoppering section is different from other company. In the other company’s machine, the stopper fall down to the cylinder through stopper chute, we add one mechanical component to make better aiming, and more accurate movement. Adopt gravitation principle, design little mechanical structure, and stable function.

For the capping head, we use the third generation capping head; it is updated from last generation. Identity torsion principle is used to capping; it can be auto slide when the force is enough. So the cap and bottle could not be hurt, and bottle also could not revolve together with capping head.

The whole machine features of stop filling without bottle, No feeding stopper without bottle, No feeding cap lack of stopper. It combines the filling ,stoppering and screw-capping into one machine, so its structure is compact and economic.